"Lets live life as an adventure every day"

I stormed out of school at 16 without any qualifications and set off on the amazing adventure that has become my life. I have always been a seeker, an explorer, a connoisseur of the crazy, a consumer of new experiences and opportunities for learning. It all started in 2003 when I walked to Santiago De Compostella from London and realised that the universe loves me and will always be there to support me if I choose light over suffering. Since then I became interested in studying cutting edge approaches to healing and meditation that illicit deep altered states of consciousness and shifts in perspective, through deep and radical self work.

My first stop was Psychosynthesis training which I did 2 years of. I then hopped around a few different London psychotherapy schools before deciding that psychotherapy wasn't really my bag. I then discovered Re-Birthing Breathwork and did a 2 week training with Leonard Orr the Founder in Virginia USA. I didn't see much of him on the training but I do remember him saying 'confusion is a higher state that leads to a new order'. I also did some Holotropic Breathwork training with Stanislav Grof. I call him 'The Bear'. I was a Rebirthing Practitioner for about 2 years. I then studied Authentic Movement for 2 years with Linda Hartley before discovering my true love, Family Constellations.

I studied Family Constellations & Trauma Healing with Svagito Liebermeister intensively for about 8 years. I followed him around the globe. I wanted to be him. Then I grew up and started being true to myself and my own unique way. I also studied Systemic Constellations with various other prominent therapists in Germany and elsewhere. I have spent the last 5 years studying with Daan Van Kampenhout in Systemic Ritual & have spent the last 6 years studying in the field of Somatic Experiencing both in UK and across the water in USA/Canada.  In 2018 I trained in Speaking Circles with Lee Glickenstein and Doreen Hamilton in California, an embodied approach to overcoming the fear of public speaking. 

In amongst all of this therapy training and exploring my inner self I have been travelling all over the place, heading out on regular adventures, some of them shared here on this website.

After all this seeking I return to a simple truth.
There is nothing more valuable than LOVE.
Our ability to give it and to receive it.
All that is important is removing the blocks to it.
So we can experience life as fully as we possibly can...