I am carried, 
As I rest upon the soulful murmurings of her watery heart, 
undulating restfully in the stillness somewhere between east and west, 
silvery nectars dancing sparkles of splaying sunlight, a call to prayer, 
the vastness of the blue sky, 
a deep mystery like magnetic gravitas pulling me slowly into her homely embrace, 
the vastness of the sky and a close warm embrace, 
it is between these poles that you will find us dancing, whirling, smiling and turning, 
for we are the warriors of deep water, 
we are inside of you and far beyond the limits of your mind, 
we reside in a place where only your imagination can find, 
I hear the call, 
I bow in honour of the water that has birthed us all, 
for we are born from tears of joy and pain, 
born from wonderous oceans and plentiful rains, 
from a raging storm and magical stillness, 
from our frozen dreams we awake into this amazing pilgrimage, 
that is our lives, every moment a privilege.. 
I am carried.

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