Deep Orange

Dancing in spirals of sunlight, 
I am the blossoming one, 
carried by ancient voices to unveil you now. 

Pointing your prayers towards melting orange, 
Your face hidden, 
Your uncombed hair framing deep beauty, 
Like a mystic gently embracing the magic of innocence, 
resting so silently and unseen in pristine prayer. 
I write you into existence, 
every word written here an honouring of your brilliance, 

The sun's deep orange celebrates your subtle and slender silence... 

I am beating slowly like the heart of the sun, 

You are the hands of God and I am the drum, 

I am a river running rhythmically into your epic oceanic reality, 
Into your expanse I sink and disappear, 
I transpire, 
into light I am no longer here, 
but my heart it still beats and its wings will take flight as I receive into my soul the deep beauty of life, 
I am carried by love and a longing to be, 
forever in the experience of your deep beauty. 

Anu Azrael

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