Never has a heart bled light like this, 
Punching through my soul your shining face imprints a hole, 
Ever had your heart squeezed by invisible hands? 
A darkened figure stands and whispers soft vulnerable pleas, 
Ever loved a flower so much that you pray until your hands stick together that it never wilts? 
Spray it with hardening glue so it always remains in bloom but then it can’t breathe, 
Ever lost a friend so true? 
Ever sung a song so blue? 
Never has a heart bled light like this. 

This whirling heart bleeds, 
Like a diamond slowly turning and exploding light in all directions, 
Sunshine finds its way inside me, 
To a place that needs soothing, 
If my heart had eyes he would be looking at yours, 
Tear-filled with wonder and awe, 
Bowing in deep honour, 
But my heart’s eyes fall on empty space, 
You are not there, 
Your old skin lying torn and worn on the floor, 
Your familiar smell dying down, is no more, 
Like a fire ready to take its last breath, 
In amongst the ash and charcoal, 
A precious stone still hides there, somewhere, 
Never has a heart bled light like this.

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