Life. Love. Beauty.

“Life. flows toward us like a tsunami ready to break, flows through us like a tremendous heart ache, carries us forth into lands that we never imagined knowing. Life.

Love. My best friend and my worst enemy. My greatest joy and my deepest pain. I bleed and I cry, I dance and I fly, I scream and I sigh, I draw my sword and I wipe the sadness from my eyes. Love.
Beauty. Illusive like a butterfly, no sooner has it been born into perception before it dies, like the contours of a mysterious flying animal gliding in moonlight, like the look in your lover's eyes the last time you see her, the essence in her smile etched into your heart and mind, you will forever remember, fading only slightly with the passing of time, the wild golden flowing mane of the lion & his courage, that moment you stop - look up to the sky and feel the vastness of space. Beauty.”

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