Speaking to the wildness of woman 

I speak now as a man and as myself, 
I am sorry that I oppressed you, 
I was afraid of your awesome power, 
I was afraid of being overwhelmed by my mother, 
So I manipulated and lied to keep myself 'safe', 
I was so afraid, 
I see now that your wildness is the miracle that gives birth to life itself,
Your wildness gave birth to me and I can never control it, no matter how hard I try, 
I can only bow in honour of the rainbows and stars that are born of your deeply beautiful chaos,
it is this wonderous wildness in me that is the doorway to my true self, I see this now. 
I am sorry for what I have done to you, 
thank you for giving me life, 
I commit my life to helping others (and myself) to reclaim this powerful wildness,
wilderness and deep connection with nature. 

May the atrocities that I have in the past committed now give birth to love,
healing and a deep reconnection with the earth mother. 

Please forgive me, I am sorry & thank you. 

Yours faithfully and sincerely, 
Your son, your brother, your lover, your friend.


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