Yesterdays global Society was… 
Standing tall in its powerful mechanisms of constant movement,
like the arms of a muscle bound man reaching, tight and tense,
single minded, 
His cold head so high in the sky behind glass that he could not really make out the voices of those of us on the ground,
So solid and focused on his goal he was, 
His ambition to succeed propelling him forward with ever greater force,
He could only see his destination, 
everything else faded into the background,
into a dull humming silence,
he was blind to the cries of the forgotten ones who lay bleeding at his feet. 

There are those who screamed injustice, 
angrily fighting for the rights of those who bled. 
They mistrusted him, 
they raged at him, 
they challenged him, 
the lefties and the hippies, 
the rebels and the misfits, 
the conspiracy theorists and the supposed spiritualists. 
They stood on street corners crying “liars”, 
outside corporations blocking entrances, 
infiltrating social media,
lighting fires and smashing glass,
gathering in hoards outside government buildings,
marching on the banks,
these streets are ours,
that’s not what democracy looks like, 
this is what democracy looks like, 
and his foundations were shaken, 
sometimes the bleeding of those at his feet was stemmed,
sometimes we saved people from bleeding at all,
and sometimes his direction was incrementally influenced yet he continued to move forward towards his goal,
unperturbed by the many cries below. 
Nothing could radically change his mind except time. 
This was our reality. That was yesterday. 
We has been ignorant for too long, 
this cancer has come to claim those of us who 
are not listening to the deeper needs of our 
bodies and the earth, this once muscle 
bound man whose energy so strong,
is on his knees now,
he is lost and drowning and now we can see his eyes and he can hear us, 
so put down your protest signs and rageful words, 
let go of your cynicism and rebellious anger, 
quiet your conspiracy theories and political truths, 
we don’t need this now,
now is not the time to 
challenge him,
for he lies in every hospital bed, 
he stares out anxiously from behind every curtain, 
for now as we look into his eyes finally we can see 
that we are him and he is we, 
its time to love each other now, 
its time to support each other now, 
what the world needs right now is love, 
what the world needs right now is positivity, 
what the world needs right now is you.

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