One by One

Rumi's Prayer (with my addition) 

One by one 

One by one 
Our friends 
Filled with joy and quest 
Begin to arrive 

One by one our friends 
The worshippers of ecstacy 
Begin to arrive 

More friends and…



Has a beauty ever been so true? 
You are fragile and intransitory like white butterflies disappearing into strong winds, 
One moment here, 
Then passing over, 
To that place where light and the dead reside, 
Passing over like once…

Medicine of Sky

My heart flutters gently like the distant sounds of birds setting off towards home,
Their wings bring me into light, 
I am embraced by the beauty of sky, 
Lift me up, 
Oh lift me up purity of life, 
Oh infinate…



Someone will rescue me from this infinite dream, 
This eternal dance between suffering and paradise, 
One day this long traveled light will finally arrive, 
Someone will take me up in her arms and breathe me into the stars, 
I wait…



Lights phasing forward leaving trails like shooting stars in slow motion, 
Twinkling falling flakes of sparkling bright white light nestling themselves in the ether, 
Scream echoes and breaks through space, 
through this sparkling waste,
left here by your eyes, 


Dancing across time and space, 
Your smile like delicate flowers gently tickling my sensitive place, 
Carried by your gentle caress, 
Soft to touch, 
Trickling towards your toes, 
Roots growing into your bones, 
Its clear, 
I close my…


Ella Angela

Like a tight, supple flower bud reaching her colour towards sun and sky,
I am the moist sun rays wrapping my arms around her slowly opening torso,
what treasures will bless our senses,
from the delicious heart's centre of Ella-Angela?…


In this light we all belong

I am one speck of stardust blown gently by the moonlight and supporting breeze from across the seas, 
Sun rays carry us away from the familiar darkness of our mothers embrace.. 
this light so all we taste, 
the light…

For Meera & Svagito ~ 21st February 2017

Poetry and painting are now at one, 
Dancing the eternal slow dance into stillness and beauty, 
Where so ever the sun is dancing and sparkling in the eyes of strangers, she is there 
Where so ever the moment is…

Near Light

The light is never far away, even in the everyday, take flight upon your daily train ride, let your dreams guide you, the light is supporting from behind, it shines from your insides, transform the mundane with your smile, as…


These roots made of mountains and stardust, 
Given as the greatest gift of life, 
I was once blind to, 
Which brought me great suffering and strife, 
Since I realized my feet again, 
The earth beneath me and my branches have…



I wake up late and all my stress is dissolved, 
In my dreams I take rest in stillness, 
A great light enters my body and shakes me free of dust and time, 
This winter darkness comes and hides me…