Inner Conflict Resolution

What is Inner Conflict Resolution?

Grown out of 10+ years with Family Constellation, Systemic Ritual & Somatic Experiencing. Inner Conflict Resolution uses the intelligence from all 3 of these fields as well as drawing in a new intelligence that moves forward in its own unique way. 

Every problem or symptom we experience in our everyday lives that stops us from living our greatest potential is due to inner conflict and identification with the suffering of the past. There is a war within the self & this unconscious war within causes symptoms which we experience in our lives and in our behaviour as stress. Inner Conflict Resolution supports an opening of progressive dialogue between the parts of us involved in the conflict and the parts of us who are already at peace. Supporting us to return to a state of peace and happiness within ourselves. When we are ready and able to receive support in this process, the inner stress is brought to light, where it dissolves and relief is experienced. Leaving us free to move forward, more expanded & with greater strength to cope with the challenges of daily life. Allowing us to continue living our lives with greater ease and happiness.

Where does Inner Conflict come from?

Inner Conflict is unresolved stress and tension from the past held in the body, the psyche and the energy field of the Individual. Certain experiences in life can be very intense and overwhelming, when we experience something in life that is ‘too much’ then our normal psychological mechanism to help us to ‘survive’ kicks in, which is called ‘repression’. We unconsciously swallow the difficult feelings and over time this repressed energy builds up and creates inner stress and tension which leads to inner conflict and negative symptoms. These difficult experiences can be from birth, early childhood or later in life.

There is also unresolved stress and trauma from the experiences of previous generations of our family and society, being held in energetic fields that we are connected to, which we often get identified with and this also causes inner conflict and negative symptoms in our lives. The dissonance is transmitted through time and space via energetic webs which connect all members of family and social systems, Rupert Sheldrake calls these‘Morphic Fields’. There is also unresolved stress and trauma from past lives, this is not something Inner Conflict Resolution aims to address primarily but we do remain open to this type of healing in the work.


The Secret Of Resolving Inner Conflict

Inner Conflict is a reality for everyone, none of us do not have it.  The difference is that some people (even though are conflicted inside of themselves) are able to be successful and at peace & others are obstructed and suffer as a result of this inner conflict.  Unable to move forward in life.  What is the difference between these people? Why are some people able to live in a way that is not hindered by their inner conflict whilst some are not able?  The answer is ‘resources’ and a connection with our ‘gifts’, our ‘passions’, our 'purpose', our ‘dreams’, our ‘faith’ in life.  Faith in something beyond our personal selves that remains a mystery to us.  You do not have to be a religious person to have faith in life or to be following a purpose that is deeply meaningful to you.  Faith in life is for everyone and the more faith we build in life (even and especially in the face of events that life brings that are difficult, challenging and sometimes extremely overwhelming) the stronger we become but we have to be willing to recognise and identify our resources, what and who supports us? Both in this world & beyond.  We can see examples of this worldwide going back far in history.  There are always people more able to bare and overcome suffering than others.  What is their secret?  A good example is a story of a woman named Alice Sommer who lived to 111.  She lived through many concentration camps during WW2, including Auschwitz & the last years of her life she wrote a book and there was a film made about her.  She maintained her faith in life through-out all of the suffering. How? It was simple. She played the Piano. Music set her free.  Music was her passion and focusing on that helped her to grow and to overcome much difficulty. More difficulty than many people will experience in their life times. 

So Inner Conflict Resolution supports us to connect with our resources, with our passions, with our gifts, with purpose and with our dreams.  It supports us to build a relationship to our own deep inner strength which is lying dormant underneath the chaos of our inner conflict, just waiting to be acknowledged and given space to germinate and grow stronger and taller.

Inner Conflict Resolution also teaches us that the the key to resolving conflict is 'Gratitude'.  Gratitude for everything we have been given in this life, for our gifts, for what has come to pass, for the possibility to dream and follow dreams.  Daily practice of appreciation and gratitude is the best medicine for Inner Conflict Resolution.  The secret of resolving conflict is Gratitude.  

How does it work?

One to One Sessions: In a private session we identify the part of you which seem to be identified with the difficulty of the past & the parts of you who can already experience the peace and easiness of relaxation and safety. We open up a dialogue between these parts in service of cultivating a relief of tension and a return to peace.

Group Work / Workshops: Inner Conflict Resolution supports us to connect with our resources, with our passions, with our gifts and with our dreams. It supports us to build a relationship to our own deep inner strength which is lying dormant underneath the chaos of our inner conflict, just waiting to be acknowledged and given space to germinate and grow stronger and taller. 

In Inner Conflict Resolution I am working from an image of wishing the other very well in life. I am working from a space of trusting the strength of each and every person to wake up and move beyond the difficulty of the past into the beauty of the present moment and towards the brightness of the future. 

In Inner Conflict Resolution group work I am deeply interested in exploring consciousness, exploring what resources people in life. What brings people to life? My main aim in the work is connecting everyone to expanded states of consciousness, once that is achieved my job is done. I bring my own unique creativity to combining the intelligence of Systemic Constellation, Systemic Ritual and Somatic Experiencing. The method used is a mixture of approaches I have trained in, so I use Constellations and Rituals as well as sharing circles and Altar technology. In workshops how we work really depends on the theme of the group. I run groups that focus on transcending the suffering of the family past. I run groups on ‘Altar Building & Technology’, I run groups on resourcing and gratitude. So the field of my offerings is very broad and deeply creative. It is evolving all the time. 

The essential things that remain the same throughout all of my work are the following:
- Creating safe open hearted sensitive space for healing to happen
- Always maintaining a sense of humour no matter how dark things get
- Passion in working with the support of the ancestors
- Being more interested in re-establishing harmony energetically & holding a very broad context for understanding what happens in the work 
- Resourcing, curiosity about passion, our gifts, our dreams, looking towards what supports us.

One to One sessions - In depth

In a one to one session I am interested in getting people connected with both the parts of themselves that are already able to connect with the beauty of life & the parts of themselves that at some point have been lost and have become identified with the suffering of the past. Then we open a dialogue between the two.  This dialogue aims to support the digesting of old tension stuck in the person’s field, body-mind & the nervous system that is causing negative symptoms in a person’s life.  

I am also interested in honouring the survivor.  The part of us we often are not listening to is the ‘survival self’.  We have to learn to slow down and honour what has been survived, in our childhood, in our family, in our society.  We have to learn to listen with greater sensitivity to the parts of us that have kept us safe during times of difficulty, to listen to those ancestors who survived great suffering in our family past, that we may not even be aware of.  These parts of us set limits on our healing journey and in service of moving forward in life lets respect these parts of us and agree to go slowly.  Recognising we can not do whatever we want.  When we try to go faster than our survival self is ready for then we get stuck and delayed, the survival self is King/Queen and their authority & experience needs to be honoured and respected or they will sabotage our movement forward in life, which they have the absolute power to do.  When we do not respect this part of ourselves and we live in a way thinking we can do whatever we like, then our survival self is going to shut us down and rather than expanding into life, we end up automatically retracting into the shadows without understanding why.  Let us listen very deeply to every part of us and this will serve healing and growth beyond our limits.  When limits are respected and honoured then and only then we dissolve into the light of true being and it is here that we find peace.  (There is a cost to not listening. The cost is unhappiness, suffering and poverty both financial and/or spiritual).  Inner Conflict Resolution supports us to begin listening more deeply.

Booking a session

Please just email me to book a session
My name on Skype is anu.azrael
I prefer to work on ZOOM as it is more reliable so I can give you details of that when you contact me. 
I will be offering in person sessions from Alexandra Palace in London from beginning May 2018. 

Anu Azrael

My approach to working and life are similar.  I am laid back, relaxed, human & easy to engage with. 
I wear my heart on my sleeve most of the time and I enjoy genuine contact with others. I have been 10 years + with Family/Systemic Constellations, I learned a lot in the Osho field of therapy, I have been training with Daan Van Kampenhout in Systemic Ritual for 4 years and I finished my Somatic Experiencing/Trauma Healing training in 2014. I am now on the SE Training assistant pathway. I believe the most important thing in life is nourishing and strengthening ourselves so that our gifts can totally flow into the world, so everyone inspires everyone.