I appreciate that I own a beautiful home & that I live in a beautiful home.
I appreciate having a nice car, 
I appreciate having so many beautiful gifts, 
Gifts of Poetry,
Gifts of song,
Gifts of healing skill, 
I appreciate death for reminding me to live and life for reminding me that I am not in control, 
I appreciate nature and its deep connected-ness to existence,  
I appreciate the open sky and the vastness of space that opens up to me when I look there and imagine myself,
I appreciate knowing such wonderful people in this world,
having such wonderful inspiring friends,
I appreciate those closest to me,
I appreciate those who take the risk of exposing themselves to me and who accept me for who I am,
I appreciate the sun for shining his gold upon the land, filling me with warmth and smiling,
I appreciate the birds for reminding me that there is no limit to our relationship with empty space,
it is there for us to glide through,
riding upon the wings of beauty,
there is no need to be afraid of the emptiness,
I appreciate my heart for loving so courageously,
for guiding me into such unique adventure,
for drawing me towards my destiny and helping me to attract what and who I need to attract in this life in order to more fully realise my highest potential as a human being,
I appreciate my father for teaching me how to feel,
I appreciate my mother for teaching me how to be,
I appreciate the land and light of my ancestors for teaching me how to digest suffering and continue moving forward in life, I appreciate my passion for carrying me so passionately,
I appreciate everyone and everything that has gone before me for leading me to this beautiful moment right now and letting me experience it totally,
I appreciate the small things in a day,
a bird singing sweetly,
a sun ray breaking through a dark moment,
the warm taste of tea as a I write this and my heart resting in this beautiful,
fluid, open and unfolding appreciation.. 

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