Childlike in your innocent fluidity, 
Dancing vibrant colours into this worldly insanity, 
The tips of your hairs reaching for stars, 
You are a dance of flames fantastically flickering bright sparks of faceless wonder, 
Wildness and wonder, 
Winds carry wounded women and they encircle you, 
They are whispering welcome, 
You thought you were tall but now you are surrounded by ancient trees your true size becomes apparent, 
Stars gently fall like snowflakes, 
Melting hopes and dreams, 
You are cradled gently by hands unseen, 
Your heart beats tears, 
You are surrounded, 
A slow song rises up through your being, 
I am taken without warning, 
Awestruck by the experience of beauty, 
Never has a dream felt so real to me, 
Never has stillness been so moving, 
Raw like wind blowing without sky, 
Prescient like starlight twinkling through space and time, 
Your eyes reach me, 
I am naked to you although you don’t physically see me, 
Your eyes like windows into a timeless place, 
A breathless wonder, 
A wilderness untouched, 
A fire unbridled, 
I light this candle, 
As you bow beside me.

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