Life came to me like a ray of sunlight miraculously breaking through a black night, 
Like an egg slowly breaking open into light, 
Like an uncontrollable tear streaming down a blessed face, 
Angels sing in chorus, 
Life came to me like this, 
Out of darkness as seed I grew, 
A fertile hunger for life breaking through, 
Life came to me like an owl gliding gracefully upon a turbulent breeze, 
Life battles fought and won, 
Now fluid ease, 
Life came to me and whispered in my ear, 
“Love yourself and I will love you, punish yourself and I will burden you with fear”, 
Life came to me and forced me to let go, 
Forced me into a place where I had to admit I didn’t and don’t know, 
Life comes to me on the backs of wild horses and tall trees, 
Life comes to me in open skies, 
Life comes to me right now as I see the beauty in your eyes, 
Life comes to me as I speak these words true, 
Life comes to me, 
Life passes through, 
Now life comes to you.  

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