The Unfolding

I am this beauty, 
pouring and flowing through time and space, 
the texture of melted silk, 
crying and smiling, 
sailing across the ocean with no destination, 
just a heart that longs for something it has never known, 
just the feeling that I am not alone, 
mothered by music and melancholic moments, 
like a rose being carried by a river home, 
I call upon you life to unfold me, 
open my truth and carry me, 
show me my destiny, 
I trust you, 
I am listening, 
the first word that appears is hurt, 
I am hurt and this is not the last time that I will ever love and be broken open, life has a plan that will be revealed in time, 
this is my unfolding, 
this is my truth opening, 
rawness reveals itself in sunlight and service, 
My hands unfurl into a humble offering, 
This is my prayer, 
I turn now towards you life, 
I turn away from suffering and strife, 
I awaken to serve, 
I turn into light, 
This... is my life.

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