Poems from Birkenau Auschwitz II

Shivering loneliness, 
Deprived of silence, 
Starved of innocence, 
Sticky black tendrils crawling deeper into my ears, 
Hearing Screaming, 
Cries of terror filled sunshine, 
Light beams dreaming, 
Shedding light on faces frozen in time, Dust particles dancing, 
Old skin and bone chanting, 
Falling like snow, 
Settling, Nestling into the warm, 
Sullen and tender belly of my soul, 
Like those who died here, 
I walk this short path of life towards death alongside my brothers and sisters, Together with all of you and at the same time totally alone. 

Waiting for you, 
Empty and cold, 
The echoes of those that we no longer wait for 
only a faint memory resonating around inside of us, 
Without you we have no purpose, 
We are simply space, 
Open space inside concrete walls 
burrowed into the ground, 
Without you Jew we are nothing! 
Your screaming death and fevered suffocation, 
Your children choking on 
the hatred of the Nazi German nation, 
You and the thousands of others who have entered our poisoned wombs have made us famous.  We are the Gas Chambers. 


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