The Shadow Of Humanity Part 3 ~ Jewish

The very thought of being a Jew during this time in Nazi occupied territory sends shivers down my spine.  The level of fear for my life and the lives of my brothers and sisters on such a massive scale, it is no wonder that this trauma is still visible in Jewish society and politics today.  Jews are changed forever as are their identities.  There is so much pain in this injustice that it is no wonder that many would rather not feel it, of course this not wanting to feel the pain has consequences both individually and collectively for Jews. There is a cost for not feeling that pain and waking up from the past. The cost is that the past becomes present and more suffering much like the suffering of this time is brought back into present time.  On the issue of Israel/Palestine I devolve myself totally.  As in any conflict there are 2 sides. Both have experienced tremendous loss and pain and are hooked into the pattern of seeking justice as an opiate against feeling the pain of loss.  All I wish is that those to the political left jumping on the 'Justice for Palestine' bandwagon come to this place, come to Auschwitz and recognize the deep pain of the Jews, what was lost and how they were treated.  Then and only then can one even begin to understand the collective behaviour of Israel.  We must look further than what is immediate.  If we wish to achieve peace inside and outside we must look further than what is immediate, understand the great pain and loss that lies behind social and political movements and give each side the chance to be held lovingly in their deep pain, then and only then will this ongoing war begin to surrender to itself.  Everyone is hurting right now and a massive influence on this present day hurt and pain is what happened here in Auschwitz and Europe more generally between 1939-1945.  We are all Jewish, just as we are all Nazi, just as we are all Palestinian. We all have a responsibility to understand what happened here.
This place was a source of great pain and the echoes of this pain are still being felt today in other parts of the world. 

The trains would stop here inside and from the moment the train arrived it would take about 3hrs before several thousand people were all in the gas chambers and killed.  This path was their final walking place.



Left and Below.
The wall in Auschwitz I where Prisoners were shot.

This is the old Gas Chamber from Auschwitz II. Many thousands of Jews died here Kaddish.

This pit to the right is where all the ashes from the burned bodies of the crematorium would be put. It has been preserved to this day. 

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