Here you can find some of my poetry from over the years.  I haven't written much recently but feel free to explore everything here. 

Poetry Of Azrael



Never has a heart bled light like this, 
Punching through my soul your shining face imprints a hole, 
Ever had your heart squeezed by invisible hands? 
A darkened figure stands and whispers soft vulnerable pleas, 
Ever loved a flower so much that you pray until your hands stick together that it never wilts? 
Spray it with hardening glue so it always remains in bloom but then it can’t breathe, 
Ever lost a friend so true? 
Ever sung a song so blue? 
Never has a heart bled light like this. 

This whirling heart bleeds, 
Like a diamond slowly turning and exploding light in all directions, 
Sunshine finds its way inside me, 
To a place that needs soothing, 
If my heart had eyes he would be looking at yours, 
Tear-filled with wonder and awe, 
Bowing in deep honour, 
But my heart’s eyes fall on empty space, 
You are not there, 
Your old skin lying torn and worn on the floor, 
Your familiar smell dying down, is no more, 
Like a fire ready to take its last breath, 
In amongst the ash and charcoal, 
A precious stone still hides there, somewhere, 
Never has a heart bled light like this.


I am glowing flesh and golden bones. 
I am blissfully dancing in this body my home. 
I am alive liver and clear river kidneys. 
I am breathing blood and abundant heart. 
I am infinite skin and divine art. 
I am digestive ease and a relaxed stomach. 
I am a compassionate mouth chewing fully and slowly before I swallow it. 
I am open eyes and a clear blue sky. 
I am the trees & the plants, I am space and time. 
I am clay resting on earth. 
Essence dancing silently upon sacred hearth. 
I am honouring this vessel that my mother gave birth. 
I am alive in here. 
Life carries my body towards destiny. 
My body carries me. 
Who am I? 
& Who do I carry?


I am light 

I am light.
Not these broken pieces of my heart's shield, painful and bleeding, collapsed and needing,
I am light.
Resilient and strong like the twinkling of stars in the darkest of nights.
I am light.
A fluid presence and unique expression of life.
I am light.
Not the struggle nor the fight.
I recognise both sides and melt ice for I am light.
I am not labels and ideas, nor am I stereotypes.
I am unknowable. I am powerful. I am the same as all of you.
I am light.


I appreciate that I own a beautiful home & that I live in a beautiful home.
I appreciate having a nice car, 
I appreciate having so many beautiful gifts, 
Gifts of Poetry,
Gifts of song,
Gifts of healing skill, 
I appreciate death for reminding me to live and life for reminding me that I am not in control, 
I appreciate nature and its deep connected-ness to existence,  
I appreciate the open sky and the vastness of space that opens up to me when I look there and imagine myself,
I appreciate knowing such wonderful people in this world,
having such wonderful inspiring friends,
I appreciate those closest to me,
I appreciate those who take the risk of exposing themselves to me and who accept me for who I am,
I appreciate the sun for shining his gold upon the land, filling me with warmth and smiling,
I appreciate the birds for reminding me that there is no limit to our relationship with empty space,
it is there for us to glide through,
riding upon the wings of beauty,
there is no need to be afraid of the emptiness,
I appreciate my heart for loving so courageously,
for guiding me into such unique adventure,
for drawing me towards my destiny and helping me to attract what and who I need to attract in this life in order to more fully realise my highest potential as a human being,
I appreciate my father for teaching me how to feel,
I appreciate my mother for teaching me how to be,
I appreciate the land and light of my ancestors for teaching me how to digest suffering and continue moving forward in life, I appreciate my passion for carrying me so passionately,
I appreciate everyone and everything that has gone before me for leading me to this beautiful moment right now and letting me experience it totally,
I appreciate the small things in a day,
a bird singing sweetly,
a sun ray breaking through a dark moment,
the warm taste of tea as a I write this and my heart resting in this beautiful,
fluid, open and unfolding appreciation.. 


Thinking of that beautiful memory of oily love imbued, slipping and sensuously writhing around your aroused and responsive body of blossoming being, deep kissing and clear seeing, I carry you in my heart and physically penetrate your sacred wet opening with my ancient trees reaching deep inside your quiet place, slowly and sensitively turning around the sun, burning in the centre of the one, until rhyme after rhyme, time after time, plunge after plunge, i finally....and most definately....come ❤ 

In our experience of sexuality may the deep beauty of life be honoured fully. In every breath and from the deepest chambers of the heart of existence. May we burn together in eternal bliss. Body, heart and mind melting into a sacred kiss. 

May we experience all that is beyond this. 
Carried into a place where we realize our oneness with existence. Lets all go there together. Reclaiming innocence. An orgy of pure heart centred presence. 

We are so much more than a mentally charged release of pent up tension through the genitals. A shallow grave of unrealized potential. I cross my heart and say a prayer to something beautiful somewhere deep within me, deep down beneath all the layers, I cry tears of joy and happiness as I realize that what I pray for is already here. I am already here. We are all here together and nothing can stop us now. As we vow, our hearts connected to the ground, holding hands and moving forward only leftover ashes of sexual shame being blown around, out of the stillness and quiet, out of the pregnant silence arises a sound. 

Its the sound of hearts opening, children being allowed to cry, suns shining brightly in open blue skies, its the sound of ancient trees swaying, of millions of people praying in thanks, bowing deeply to the birds, the bees, the whales and the ants. The bushes and the plants. 
Bowing to the clay that moulded us, the earthly womb that chose us, the rains and the wind that grows us, our mothers who rose us. She who deep down in her very soul she knows us. Together we honour her...and she rises. at last she last she rises ❤

In Prayer 

You are a prayer. Rising gently towards the skies, lifted by hopeful sun rays and loving eyes 😍 

I whisper you under my breath as starlight tickles my chest, You plunge my heart to new depths, you bring relief and tears I weep, like a beautiful smell on a passing breeze, there is nothing to keep. 

I thank god every day that I am heard, that your name carries my pain on the backs of white birds, so just be thankful that we met and that whenever you need to find depth, just put your hands together, close your eyes and you will find me in your breath 😍 

I am a prayer. Rising gently towards the skies, lifted by hopeful sun rays and loving eyes 😍 

Anu Azrael

One by One 

Rumi's Prayer (with my addition) 

One by one 

One by one 
Our friends 
Filled with joy and quest 
Begin to arrive 

One by one our friends 
The worshippers of ecstacy 
Begin to arrive 

More friends and sweethearts 
Filling you with love 
Are on their way 

Darlings of spring 
Journeying from gardens 
Begin to arrive 

One by one 
Living their destiny 
In this world 

The ones who are gone are gone 
But the ones who survived 
Begin to arrive 

All their pockets 
Filled with gold 
From endless treasures 

Bringing gifts 
For the needy of the world 
Begin to arrive 

The weak and the exhausted 
The frightened by love 
Will die 

The rejuvenated 
The healthy and happy 
Begin to arrive 

The pure souls 
Like the spectrums 
Of the shining sun 

Descending from the high heavens 
To lowly earth 
Begin to arrive 

Luscious and happy 
The blessed garden 
Whose heavenly fruits 

Spring forth 
From the virgin winter 
Begin to arrive 

Those who are born 
From the roots 
Of generousity and love 

Taking a journey from paradise to paradise begin to arrive 

Part 2 
All those that ride upon the backs of shooting stars begin to arrive 

All those that rose to light from darkened gutter and flowing blood liberated by sword begin to arrive 

All those whose hearts laid to bare 
Whose pain is exposed to light 
For us all to share 
Begin to arrive 

Those gifted with the beauty of verse begin to arrive 

Those gifted with the soul rivers of song begin to arrive 

Those who are ready to leave the past behind and rise begin to arrive 

Those who are hunched in the shadows complaining of poverty dissolve into the night 

Those whose lips can speak only hatred are committed to the depths of the oceans belly 

Those who rise up out of flame destroying all that is good with rage are given a place in the centre of all our hearts.  In the light they are changed. 

Redemption begins to arrive 
Forgiveness begins to arrive 
Humility begins to arrive 
A new day begins to arrive 
Anu Azrael



Has a beauty ever been so true? 
You are fragile and intransitory like white butterflies disappearing into strong winds, 
One moment here, 
Then passing over, 
To that place where light and the dead reside, 
Passing over like once bloomed flowers turned to ash by the fires of time, 
You are breathless and heaving, 
Starlight is dancing, 
The familiar is leaving, You move me to tears,
Dissolving my fears, 
You move me to stillness and silence, 
You move me to places I have never even dreamed, 
Beyond that which the naked eye can ever hope to see, 
You are hearts giving, 
Passion burning, 
The sacred soul of life dancing, 
You are purpose like deep bowing in lifelong service, 
You are deep beauty. 


Medicine of Sky 

My heart flutters gently like the distant sounds of birds setting off towards home,
Their wings bring me into light, 
I am embraced by the beauty of sky, 
Lift me up, 
Oh lift me up purity of life, 
Oh infinate expanse of bright space, 
Oh god of nothing and everything, 
Plunge your hand into the dying earth, 
Bring her to ecstacy, 
Gift child to her womb and carry her heart to the medicine of sky, 
Oh eternal father bestow upon us the great love you bare, 
Your generosity and deep care, 
Lie down upon her breast and let her rise, 
Let her rise once more from damned river and unmarked grave,
Let her rise from her rusty chains, 
Let her rise up beyond misunderstanding and warfare, 
Bowing at her feet we all are, 
She is standing there, 
The top of her head touches the sun, 
Her eyes fixed on the moon, 
Her arms open wide, 
Her smile touches and reminds us to never divide, 
My star, 
My universe, 
Oh mother thank you for giving me birth, 
For labouring long and painfully, 
I remember you, 
We all remember you...<3 

Anu Azrael copyright 2017