All Of Life Is Contained In A Blessing

There are no problems. 
There is only a resistance to feeling. 
A resistance to welcoming with open arms the diversity of different frequencies in service of our healing. 
The issue is that we resist our true power and give up our power to external circumstance. 
Making ourselves Victims. 
Difficult events provide us with a plethora of 'good excuses'. 
Therapy is not a lifestyle it is a stepping stone to letting go to the strength of beauty and flow that lies deep within our bodies knowing. 
So if you never had therapy, maybe go get some and if therapy is all you have ever known then let it go and finally say yes to being alone. 

Resonate, with family frequency both trauma and gift. 
Saying yes to ancestral rifts. 
Feel guilt, despair, sadness and rage. The darkness is but a stage. 
Step back, take space from that which zaps, your aliveness and beauty! 
Say yes to war, yes to rape, yes to death. Love is not duty. 
Give up fighting for justice in your soul and say yes! 

The eyes of your mother and father stare into your soft beating heart, 
holding with loving care the tears of goodbye as its almost time to part. 
They shine their light upon you, 
The beauty that they could never succeed planted into your heart as a seed. 
With promise and this promise your deeper self shall heed. 

Resonate with Spirit Frequency, its mystery and depth. 
Let go of knowing and let yourselves feel the fullness of being totally blessed. 
Blessed like the sky by rainbows when the drums of war cease, 
Blessed like our bodies once we have digested disease, 
Blessed like the splaying colours of sunset and the sunrise, 
Blessed like the hellos and the goodbyes, 
Equally Blessed are those who walk and those who fly, 
Those who swim and those who cry, 
Blessed by each and every moment, 
So may we remember, 
All of life is contained in a blessing, All of it, 
Nothing is missing.

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