Before The Battle Begins

Before The Battle Begins
Smoke from flame and growling heat, 
Heed me, feel my icey embrace containing you the beast, 
you try to lick my resolve, burn my boundaries and destroy my belief but ice on stone I am, 
like a constant unbroken drum beat, 
turn yourself to ash and be taken by the wind, 
finally rest ye in thy mothers dense darkened breast, 
your flames suffocated by gusts of dank airless breath,
the food of death, I take you in my palm and push you deep into my heart and hips,
you obediently inhabit my finger tips,  
heat of your bloody power resting silently upon my life filled lips....(silent moment) Speak thy truth even if it leads unto your final unravelling,
Stand naked in front of your enemies and offer your heart & blood in honor of their courage before the battle begins,
Hear thine echoing song of victory in your ears before the battle cries of the darkness have even dreamed to exist...
I am light filled with fire and I remove your capacity to resist, 
like a swarm of colour filled bees I attack full force your blank canvas and paint angels into your fists..
Fight with me, all grown children of flame let us unfold our light into all darkened space again and again and again...
kidnap the rain and distribute for drinking only whilst the battle is alive,
women and children first then the earth, let us not be consumed by the power we harnace but let us grow enough to flourish and thrive,
may the sacred fire in all our hearts survive, let not even one child be deprived of this fire,
life force,  unfettered education,
schooling of truth and ancient wisdom,
our ancestors faught hard for the fire to stay alight,
may we carry it forth and let it destroy all that has gone before,
leading us out of the darkness of suffering and into the profound beauty of light...

c. Copyright 2015 Anu Azrael

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