Black & White

Black & White

Be Lost.  Be lonely.  Be Sad. Isolate yourself from the world. Pull the blankets over your head and drop into a deep and dissatisfying sleep.  Awake feeling unmotivated and wishing that it was possible to stay under, endlessly drifting through the warm black heaviness of forgotten dreams. 

Black & White

Everyday you sleep a little longer, every next moment becomes predictable, the mechanistic hum drum of  a grey society seeps in through the cracks of your decaying reality, the sound of the clocks ticking loudly, chiming together like a choir of corpses singing us into Armageddon.

Black & White

The clocks begin ticking out of sync with one another, the choir becomes a confused chaos of anarchic beats, the vortex of sound itself opening into a high pitched chiming like that of a continuous answer machine beep, The screaming frozen white face of humanity swivels around on a pottery wheel, eyes wide in terror.

Black & White

All the while the deep humming of a nuclear reactor fills the surrounding space with a kind of white hot pressure, firey sparks fly from humanities eyes, a giant ice cube violently evaporates.


A heavy led weighted black curtain is dropped over the scene.  A comforting warmth pervades the surrounding space.  I am safely held in the determined grip of the earths grasp, I am cradled by compressed soil, I become aware of my fragile body, the smallness of my existence.  The earth will take me when she is ready, not when I am.

Black -  In Despair I wait, In Despair I meditate, imprisoned by a society stuck in the mind, trapped in a windless place, I am a wingless butterfly. 


Bright, unmistakeably, clearly defined, no longer resigned.

Space, Opening, silence rising from the snow like heat from a desert road.

I’m almost home…



Light, rising to meet my shadow.

Fire…burns….orange…red….yellow….green….blue, flushed, tingling, eyes opening,

My wings spread like the seas parting,

The ecstatic sun beams it magical rays,

My life and Fear part ways.



Love. Passion. Renewed direction.  My movement is free of decision. 

This is what happens when worlds collide,                                                                                                      

when black truly meets white,                                                                                                                          
darkness meets light,                                                                                                                                          
First I had to die.
now I fully take life.



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