Divine Masculine Speaking

Divine Masculine Speaking  
I acknowledge your strength - Do not bullshit me  

You are painted as weak but you are strong,  
You are labelled as 'Victim' but this is wrong,  
In your breasts you carry the imovability of mountains,  
In your womb you carry the alchemy of life,  
In your every cell mother nature herself dances inside of you, The power of the elements are at your disposal,  
You have the power and capacity to create total,  
You are the authority, So wake up from identifying with used, abused, repressed and accused, your anger only keeps you weak and confused, forgiveness is not for others, it is for you,  
I am sorry you were hurt by us,  
I am sorry you were raped, tortured and repressed,  
That we controlled you out of fear of our own mother's behest,  
I am sorry that so many generations of women did not and still do not in some parts of the world have social access to wealth, opportunity and education, 
Now is the time for revoluntionary revelation, 
for us to move beyond sorry, 
Into a state of real equality,  
One gender nation, 
Let your anger become active compassion and your fear become surrender,  
I love you and I recognize the victim in you needs holding gently but remember who you truly are, 
You are not a victim, 
I acknowledge your Strength and your light,  
You do not honour your sisters of many generations past by remaining angry and weak, 
You think your loyalty to what they suffered and what some are still suffering is helping them but it is not, 
You dishonor them and yourself in your stubbornness, 
So quit bullshitting yourself and dance with me and if you choose to remain angry, 
well don't expect any sympathy, 
possibly some ruthless empathy, 
which will often involve me retreating into the stillness of being solitary but I will always be here, 
waiting patiently for you to start choosing differently, 
for without one another there is no life, 
we need each other, 
So much beauty in our meeting, 
We have been together since the beginning of all time and we shall remain together for eternity, for men and women are bound by the greatest fates of all, death & life.  Time to wake up into joy and let go of strife.  We are stronger together.  
Wild Women Wake Up Now.  
I am listening.   
My ear to the ground.. 
I am listening....

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