I don’t celebrate samhain,
chant in Sanskrit,
meditate in Buddhist centres,
eat In Wild Food café,
do yoga at alchemy,
pray over crystals,
smoke fags,
drink alcohol,
avoid therapy
or swear by astrology! 

I don’t make a peace sign with one hand whilst masturbating violently with the other!

I don’t talk about enlightenment like I know what it is. 

I don’t spend my life talking about love whilst living in abject spiritual poverty,

I don’t talk about peace and then go and ignore my parents phone calls because we’ll probably just end up disagreeing,

I don’t consider that there is anyone on this planet who could have done a better job than them.

Yes I have long hair and beard but don’t talk to me about peace and love unless you are also willing to talk to me about your sadness at having lost a child in the womb,
don’t talk to me about light unless you are also willing to drench me in your darkened blood,

don’t preach to me about love unless you first tell me how angry you were when your father left,

don’t speak to me about forgiveness and then go home still thinking about how hard done by you were as a child.

Don’t kiss me without first exposing your darkest secrets,

Don’t even dare to drink in my presence without first sharing your thirst and please remember that this verse is just words.

You see life is not really lived until you first face death.

So smash all mirrors,

burn all your vices and stand totally naked in the souls fire,

burn right through to your heart and bones,

disintegrate yourself and disappear into the deepest ocean of being,


until theres nothing left and all you are is ASH,

fragile and ready to be swept away by the waves of the earths soul.


Anu Azrael

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