Ecstatic Living


There is only this...

Hold me...

pick me up and spin me around...

let me go...

I am the crashing waves chaotically creeping up upon the shores of being..

I am the burning rays of the sun burning the sails of that boat travelling beyond the horizon..

Reach me, Reach me oh Lord pick me up and drop me back into the ocean of your heart..

Teach me, humility..

Smack me in the face with reality, 

plant me in the garden of women and watch me take root in fluidity, 

My heart is a book that can only be read one page at time, 

This is the only sacred scripture, 

blueprint of  life, 

Soul painting, life OOzing, Beauty Drenched,

A sacred picture, 

Pitch perfect in all its imperfection, 

The one and only repeating lesson is listen, 

Rise into the expanse of the all seeing eye and dissolve your self made prison, 

The sun was born to Rise, 

We were born to Die,

The Sun was born to Rise, 

 We were born to Die

The sun was born to Rise, 

We were born to Die,

Soaring, surfing, travelling upon a thick cloud of Locusts, 

Sent to deliver a message to that man lying half dead upon that sailess boat drifting beyond the horizon, 

Oceans whispering wisdom, 

Winds carrying voices grown in the womb of neptune, 

Tidal flashbacks remind me of what I once knew, 

Life opens her arms and blesses me with a smile so deep that I become the tears of the unseen, 

I surrender to gravity, 

Staining the face of the world with my wingless fluidity, 

I merge with the earth, 



I am inside, I am inside the inside of being, 

Slowly Unfurling like a gestating Cosmic organism, 




No longer lusting, 

Or thrusting, 

I am carried...

I guess this is what they call 

Ecstatic Living...


Anu Azrael 

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