Ella Angela

Like a tight, supple flower bud reaching her colour towards sun and sky,
I am the moist sun rays wrapping my arms around her slowly opening torso,
what treasures will bless our senses,
from the delicious heart's centre of Ella-Angela?
Her lips so full and pretty that even the clouds begin to melt,
her slender fingers so feminine that all other earthly beauties pale,
as she shines in the foreground of this true life tale..
All light begins in the dark and this beauty began in root tangled torment,
her striking black hair a symbolic reminder of the darkness from where she was sent,
her face a delicate angelic flower framed by black fertile volcanic soils,
the light that shines from her is only seen at special times,
often she hides in the shadows behind stilletos and wine,
but this tight bud of colour reaching for the vastness of sky will one day shed this lie and there will dawn 2 new guiding stars in the dark night's sky,
named after her beautiful eyes,
did I forget to mention her body?
Slender and strong like a gently leaning willow tree as it is softly tickled by the winds fingers,
her insides open out into a soft centre,
her hair turns white blonde,
never again will she be troubled by the dark winter,
as her sweet inner waters flood out from within her nourishing the ground upon her standing and everyone around her..

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