England is not the fear driven government that rules over her,

England is not the Tyranical empire that travelled the world invading countries and killing innocent people for financial and political gain,

England is not the Perpertrator,

England is as much the victim of the destructive patriarchy as we all are,

England is deep and magical, The rhythm of her breath is sacred,

As my eyes meet hers, My heart melts into the land and I surrender,

I surrender to the clay from where I was made,

I surrender to William Blake and Rupert Sheldrake,

Guy Fawkes and Robert Falcon Scott,


Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock,

I surrender to The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead,

Enid Blyton and Right said Fred!

I surrender to the chronicles of Narnia and the magical protection of Aslan.

England is ancient and natural, she breathes us into her heart and sings our souls into the winds,

I am English, I belong with the old oak trees, Watching over and guarding the lands,


England, I am so sorry that I couldn't see you, Western culture, Advertising, A corporate driven government and a few thousand years of patriarchy was clouding my view, I can now say honestly from the depths of my heart..I love you..



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