Ex-Lover ~ Old Friend

Tender innocence dancing candlelit skies, 
As I look into your willing shyness, 
Into your tidal watery landscapes, 
Into your eyes, 
When you risk sharing your vulnerable shy, 
flower scented hellos and forgotten goodbyes, 
there you are, ageing slowly into deep flavour like a rare 
expensive wine, so come out, I speak to that loving, humble 
and deeply beautiful woman who carries the joy of her child, 
run with me, through this timeless, spaceless, safe and wild, 
moment in time... 
Your life is the altar.. 
Before which I bow... 
Whatever your direction... 
Here we are now... 
History has not forsaken us, 
We meet again in this laughter, 
My beautiful aging mirror of magnificent light, 
So hard to see through confusion and chaos, 
Backwards and Forwards, 
but now? 
I have clear sight, 
Your beauty is unending, 
My wishes for your wellness are unending, 
My gratitude is unending, 
This story of you & I...Is unending...

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