For Meera & Svagito ~ 21st February 2017

Poetry and painting are now at one, 
Dancing the eternal slow dance into stillness and beauty, 
Where so ever the sun is dancing and sparkling in the eyes of strangers, she is there 
Where so ever the moment is becoming purely spontaneous and full off joy, she is there 
Where so ever the heart screams its deepest pain and smashes into the wall of life again and again, 
Where so ever there is unavoidable strife, 
She stands like a child holding the light of the sun, her mother in her eyes, 
Her paint brush like a flute, softly singing soothing songs upon the canvas of our souls, 
All these years together it was leading to this, the greatest of all gifts, 
Her paintbrush has stroked your skin for the last time in this life, 
Beneath the shock the grief cuts right through like a knife, 
This sudden goodbye, 
In our hearts forever, 
Teardrops turn to rivers, rivers turn to oceans, there is only the silence of water, 
We look deep into the eyes of this beautiful daughter, 
We bow so deep we are close to being swallowed by the ground, 
Eyes open, staying in this moment right now, 
We choose life. 
We are life.

Meera taught me one thing.  
"Stand Strong & Open. Like a tree".  
Rest In Joy Meera  
Thank you for your life, from the bottom of my heart.
Love from Anu Azrael

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