Forest Altar

Your body is like a forest altar,
Where all things alive and natural come to pray,
Your sacred opening drips its fertile waters onto the earthy grounds and fruit grows here, 
I sit by this little fruit tree and I gently pick a fruit being careful to not disturb your little branches so, 
I slowly caress the surface of your fruit, 
Before nibbling into the surface,
A little drip of nectar trickles joyfully onto my tongue and I am overcome,  
I enter my entire tongue inside your swelling fruit and drink you whole,
I envelope myself inside of your gushing mesmerizing sweet nectar of godly pulsating embrace, 
Tides pull me into you again and again until there is only a gentle, silent, stillness.....together we wait...
And in this moment sun rays melt us into each other and there is nothing left of us...
Just moist earth and a little fruit tree in an unusual spot in the middle of the forest..

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