Getting Well

I’ll get well when I’m ready to

My voice drops off the scale,
Bass Drums disappear deep into the earth,
The depths it has reached can not be heard,
I am a rugged old tramp camped outside the library begging passers by for words,
 An ominous black cloud breaks into my body---mind,
Some deeper part of my soul has been stirred,
I leave myself behind,
As I feel the whir and buzz of the incoming Stress,
My energy seeps out of my toes and I fall heavy onto the pregnant ground,
Desperate and hoping to feel my mothers gentle caress,
Reaching for an invisible breast I realize the mirage and take an impossible breath,
I awake from a dream within a dream,
I breathe,
I come face to face with death,
I hold my breath,
Society says get well soon,
I’ll get well when I am ready to!


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