Giving Birth to Beauty

I am Contorted, restricted, removed, covered in the camouflage of darkness and yet ready to wilt,
I am fallen, surrendered, relaxed, redeemed, my eyes now connected and seeing. 
I am both invested in the familiar idea of being rejected and struck undeniably by the potent reality of being. 
I used to imagine that darkness was in me and now I find love in me. 
I projected that the world was out to get me to feel security, when the deeper truth is the world simply wants to befriend me. 
Sometimes I still dream whilst awake that the world is dangerous, when this happens I close the newspaper, switch off the television and stop listening to politicians,
I look towards the burning passion of sun beaming its support upon us and I wait patiently until I wake. 
Within a short period of time my eyes open wide my focus now directed inside.
Newspaper Headline, “Reversed Gaze destroys socially created unsolvable maze, those who were lost are now found, those who were drawn into damp cloud now have their feet planted firmly on the ground and fire is consuming all which we are not”.
The rest of the newspaper is blank and burning hot page by page starting from the last, better grab one quick folks as its going fast, Its time to think for ourselves,
Make up our own jokes that aren’t funny and expect other people to laugh,
this circus is over, time to create a new one which champions honesty and honours imperfection,
So long I have been blind to this beauty within me,
keeping my gaze fixed hypnotically upon glossy images in the newspaper,
fragemented fame, fashion, vain, wearing a veil aspiring to this plastic perfection,
occasionally looking up and catching a glimpse of the forgotten sun as it signals for my attention. 
A small tear drop forms in the corner of my eye where the sun’s rays reach. 
As it smoothly runs down my cheek, like bow on violin, the sad song of my blindness starts playing and instead of stuffing my ears with sunrise,
I listen and wait, veils drop, Oceans pause, the wind loses all will, there is nothing left but blood and ash and I.. am still.


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