Hunger & Beauty ~ Blythe

Was there ever a beauty more hidden?

All my life there was this noise, I never knew it was there, When I look into your face it stops and a silence like I've never before felt becomes me,

I feel the warmth of your breath,

I feel the fear of death,

I once lent out my heart and now its time to collect,

This poem is broken, like you, it has not yet found a way to embrace the truth,


Yet through my hands this poem reaches this page for me to read to arrive to your ears,

Its all in your hands, Listen to them, Let them lead, The beauty deep colour filled, Rhythmic temptation, Riding rainbows on spoons that were once used to feed entire nations,

Your rising passion, Your multi-layered direction, Your anger tinged frustration lined with a large dose of confusion and underneath,

Pain of not being,

Of not seeing,

Darkness - blinds all lights, nothing is seen, nothing....its night.

Yes its night and you open your eyes,

Slowly colour dances with darkness and draws in the light,

Hypnotic, you are,

Nourishing like a field of fruit trees covered in honey,

Harvest is here and those who survived hunger dance in amongst the branches,

Joyfully munching, chewing, brewing, then they sit in circles stewing,

Its a right of passage,

All members of this community do it when they have come through very hard times,

It reminds them of how beautiful they all are, That through the hardship of hunger a great beauty is born, grows wings, sings....Your beauty sings like a creature of the night, A creature of the moonlight, I am a mere grain of sand in the presence of your oceanic essence of nourishing flame,

Burn me, Tickle my heart with your uncontrollable fire, Cut my wings and bury me in the ground, Lay a head stone that reads LOVE LIES HERE WITHOUT SOUND..I will rise...just to see you again, just to feel you again, just to be you again...I am bleeding as I write this, your eyes penetrated too deep...again silence and then ...sleep...

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