In this light we all belong

I am one speck of stardust blown gently by the moonlight and supporting breeze from across the seas, 
Sun rays carry us away from the familiar darkness of our mothers embrace.. 
this light so all we taste, 
the light destroys my known unknown, 
I have no face, no place 
I have no place 
but in this light we all belong, 
In this poem, In this song, 
in this throng of unsong sorrows, 
as they whale and cry for the clouds to leave the skies, 
I exist, 
like the moonlight in my eyes and stardust glistening off my skin, 
I float atop the oceans tides, 
carried away and towards a slowly disappearing horizon 
Now I say goodbye. 

Anu Azrael 

Inspired by the divine presence of Abigail Mookien

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