Invoking TheGoddess Of SacredFire

Goddess Of SacredFire
I see you dancing the moonlight through you, 
Gestating the sun within you,   
For this 9 month cycle happens in one night and tomorrow the sun shall rise from between your sacred thighs, 
I call upon you to awaken in me and in my life, 
Physically, emotionally and spiritually, 
Present yourself, 
I honour you, 
The womb I remember, 
I have rested in your earthly breast,
slept in many graves,
Counted many deaths and listened for many generations to the silence in your gentle breath,
I call upon you to awaken in me,
Awaken to me,
Awaken to us, 
Your wisdom and your strength, 
I bow deeply to your wild and heart fuelled resonance, 
Your slow burning firey presence, 
Rising up like revolution through broken rock and once hopeless decadence,
Now erect and ready to penetrate I stand in honour of your pulsating fire, 
Sizzling sweet nectar dripping amongst blooming red/orange flowers,  Ready to burn and be burned, 
To break and be turned, 
To bow,
to embrace,
to learn, 
My intent is firm, 
Dance with me, now. 
Let us burn right through to fragile ash, 
And scatter ourselves amongst the birdsong..


Wake up fire
Goddess of TheSacredFire I call upon you, 
I call upon your heat to rub up against my length, 
I call upon your flames to burn away old skin and remember strength, 
I call upon your volcanic clarity to wash away my vanity reflecting who I truly am right back at me, 
I call upon your wild sexuality, your animal beauty to piss all over me and writhe with me amonst the dirt and leaves on a cold forest floor, 
I call upon you to open all windows and all doors so the flames of the heart are fed and widespread, 
I call upon you to kill who I once was, burning my old skin with your heart's flame, waking me up into the realm of total joy and ecstacy again, 
I call upon you to remind me that love has flesh and bone, Skin, hair and warm breath, sensual moans. 
I call upon you to join me on the throne, 
I call upon you to dance me into love, 
I call upon you to open my heart and light my stove, 
I call upon you to connect with what is above and what is below,
I call upon you at this time, I understand this call has consequences and I do so consciously with courage and openness to both what will be offered and what will be taken by the fire,
I call upon myself to respond to your offerings with a willing heart & to accept what is taken with courage, 
I surrender myself to the will of the divine Insallah, 
As I also commit to actively willing where necessary, 
I commit to fully participating in the sacred dance of the masculine and feminine within me. 
GoddessOf SacredFire I call upon you to support this commitment I am making, my path in this life is in service to you.

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