Leave it all Behind

Undulating cascades spill over edges,
I can no longer contain it,
I can no longer hold away the way,
Barriers broken, boat sways violently, I am sinking,
The salt water swills Into the wide open expanse of my inner world,
Inside me are ancient oak & green hills aplenty,
There is beauty growing on your betrothed branches,
Taste the fruit of my smile, have you never met my kind?

The crazy and the wild...
lose your mind,
if you never listen to another word I say ever again then great but hear this,
lose your mind, give yourself wholeheartedly to the way of life,
let yourself be guided by something deeper than what you are immediately aware and leave it all behind,
leave your childhood and the blueprint of your past behind, leave your house, your dog and your bank account behind,
leave your need to be identified to a named profession behind, quit your job and leave it all behind, burn your official documents,
change your name and leave everything behind, bow in love and respect to your family and with the greatest of love leave them behind,
if you really want to be rich, if you really want to be happy, if you really want to live an extraordinary existence then leave it all behind,
anything that you carry lessens your capacity to choose powerfully, anything that you carry clouds your potentially crystaline blue sky and destroys your clarity,
we are feathers of birds sacred, the wind carries us on it's godly gusts, anything that weighs us down ends up pressing us into the heavy darkness of the earths sodden ground, let yourself be as light as a feather & give the tides of life your permission, with or without permission they will anyway pull you out to sea but with your permission will mean no more resistance, no more wasting energy on fighting with your destiny, give up the known for the unknown and leave it all behind, metaphorically write your last will and testament and post it to your solicitor, the name on the document will be your own except the prefix will be 'the ego of', leave all of your sufferings, all of your shame, all of your righteousness, all of your fear to your ancestors past, let them hold it for you and pass it back down the line, there is great strength in the roots of our Ancestral Pines, we don't have to carry everything ourselves. Send it all back to the roots, give it all back to the earth, rise up through the trunk, up into the branches and leaves and photosynthesise, realize, let the sun rays lift you beyond the branches, deeper into the vast expanse of sky and rise, leave it all behind & rise higher, leave it all behind and fly further, give back what is not yours, what was never yours, cut the bullshit and LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND...

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