Life Gone Mad

MadI am life gone mad through sea blue and sky black,
I am death given a shot of tranquiliser and rough shod thrown into an old sack,
I am the blood of the earth seeping through old cracks,
gods furrowed brow, serious, blinded by the backlog of miracles needed, can’t relax,
I am the eyes of a child peering through the window of your deep soul,
I am hungry dog digging endless holes looking for my lost bone,
I am a black king wearing a dark cloak instructing my soldiers to remove you from your safe home,
I am sea foam,
I am a new poem,
As I read the wind blows,
I close my eyes and twinkle my toes,
I am a rose,
I am sweet now but one day I will fall,
I am thorns, I protect my flower by making you bleed,
I was oppressed & now I am free,
I am a moth, so obsessed with light that I land and die,
I am dust, so light I get lost in sky,
I am darkness, I blind you to what might be seen,
I am the sun,
First burning and then resting into being

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