Medicine of Sky

My heart flutters gently like the distant sounds of birds setting off towards home,
Their wings bring me into light, 
I am embraced by the beauty of sky, 
Lift me up, 
Oh lift me up purity of life, 
Oh infinate expanse of bright space, 
Oh god of nothing and everything, 
Plunge your hand into the dying earth, 
Bring her to ecstacy, 
Gift child to her womb and carry her heart to the medicine of sky, 
Oh eternal father bestow upon us the great love you bare, 
Your generosity and deep care, 
Lie down upon her breast and let her rise, 
Let her rise once more from damned river and unmarked grave,
Let her rise from her rusty chains, 
Let her rise up beyond misunderstanding and warfare, 
Bowing at her feet we all are, 
She is standing there, 
The top of her head touches the sun, 
Her eyes fixed on the moon, 
Her arms open wide, 
Her smile touches and reminds us to never divide, 
My star, 
My universe, 
Oh mother thank you for giving me birth, 
For labouring long and painfully, 
I remember you, 
We all remember you...<3 

Anu Azrael copyright 2017

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