My Kind Of Woman?

I am looking for someone with a passion for going inside, Someone with fire in their heart and hands that live to create, Someone who lives a creative life, I am looking for beauty to honour and a heart to serve, I seek the ears that were made for the music of my Soul, I seek the Music that will carry me home, I seek the breathing pattern that in its imperfection fits with mine, I seek the love drunken state thats occurs after drinking 7 bottles of wine, I seek the woman who aspires to live beyond time, the clock that has transcended its own chimes, the beauty that has set its self aflame, the sacred softness of that which has no name!

Am I a poet with no words? A drummer with no beats? Am I a dancer with no feet?  Am I a healer with no heart?  A driver with no car? A night sky with no light? 
NOI am a vehicle,I am an artist, I am a heart, I paint with my words, my feet, my beats and the stars! 

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