Rising out of this paint soaked sky,
so wet are my eyes,
so soft is my heart,
so open your thighs, 

We are ready to be taken,
swept up by this almighty storm from where it comes we don’t know and to where it goes none the less known,
plunging slowly in and out of your fevered anticipating ocean, 
a storm in my heart breaks open your waves,
your tides pulling me ever closer,
As we dance with spiralling undercurrents,
dropping deep and kissing dolphins,
As we dive into the sky synchronized crashing back into the arms of this… 

still surface… 
wind suddenly dies… 
only sunlight…reflecting off your many faces, 
I see you in the eyes of the colourful bird that flies peacefully over head, 
The only sign of life in this frozen but alive moment, 
I feel you in this deep mass of unknown warmth, Gently and slowly pulsating, 
Embracing my entire being with your watery essence, 
I close my eyes and my last… outbreath… roams... free…

c. Copyright 2016 Anu Azrael

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