One by One

Rumi's Prayer (with my addition) 

One by one 

One by one 
Our friends 
Filled with joy and quest 
Begin to arrive 

One by one our friends 
The worshippers of ecstacy 
Begin to arrive 

More friends and sweethearts 
Filling you with love 
Are on their way 

Darlings of spring 
Journeying from gardens 
Begin to arrive 

One by one 
Living their destiny 
In this world 

The ones who are gone are gone 
But the ones who survived 
Begin to arrive 

All their pockets 
Filled with gold 
From endless treasures 

Bringing gifts 
For the needy of the world 
Begin to arrive 

The weak and the exhausted 
The frightened by love 
Will die 

The rejuvenated 
The healthy and happy 
Begin to arrive 

The pure souls 
Like the spectrums 
Of the shining sun 

Descending from the high heavens 
To lowly earth 
Begin to arrive 

Luscious and happy 
The blessed garden 
Whose heavenly fruits 

Spring forth 
From the virgin winter 
Begin to arrive 

Those who are born 
From the roots 
Of generousity and love 

Taking a journey from paradise to paradise begin to arrive 

Part 2 
All those that ride upon the backs of shooting stars begin to arrive 

All those that rose to light from darkened gutter and flowing blood liberated by sword begin to arrive 

All those whose hearts laid to bare 
Whose pain is exposed to light 
For us all to share 
Begin to arrive 

Those gifted with the beauty of verse begin to arrive 

Those gifted with the soul rivers of song begin to arrive 

Those who are ready to leave the past behind and rise begin to arrive 

Those who are hunched in the shadows complaining of poverty dissolve into the night 

Those whose lips can speak only hatred are committed to the depths of the oceans belly 

Those who rise up out of flame destroying all that is good with rage are given a place in the centre of all our hearts.  In the light they are changed. 

Redemption begins to arrive 
Forgiveness begins to arrive 
Humility begins to arrive 
A new day begins to arrive 
Anu Azrael

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