One River

Mountains rising out of your eyes, 
Piercing Vast Skies, 
Toes tickled by grass and rock, 
Roots growing from your heart down through sacred stone, 
Souls home, 
You are called to return, 
Your language centre burns, 
Your head turns, 
Your grandmother tall tree stands arms out wide offering the sky, 
Winds blow gently, 
Silence Pervades, 
As you bow with honour, 
To the mountainous cascades, 
Covering the lands that once gave you birth, 
Who bless you with all their hearts, 
In the light that comes from them, 
You remember your worth. 

Beyond the broken barriers of Political separation and strife, 
Stands LIFE, An old mountain woman with green eyes, 
Smiling and offering fragrant rice, 
Wisdom and a new light. 
All peoples take hands, 
Whilst looking towards this great mountain they join hands, 
The mountain smiles, 
Its streams of joy run into you and now look, 
Look at the strength of heart in those great Kashmiri/Pakistani mountainous hands

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