Dancing across time and space, 
Your smile like delicate flowers gently tickling my sensitive place, 
Carried by your gentle caress, 
Soft to touch, 
Trickling towards your toes, 
Roots growing into your bones, 
Its clear, 
I close my eyes and listen what do I hear? 
Love galloping like chariots from earth to sky, 
Through me, 
Is here, 
The human heart, 
It is where the dancing breeze meets the fallen stars, 
Where Venus embraces mars, 
Where every tear that is cried grows wings and flies, 
A place that houses both the fertility of the earth and the vastness of the skies, 
This miracle, 
Ready to serve, 
So open your lungs like your mother opened her legs at your birth, 
Let the power of your voice come up from the earth, 
Push, let go of complaining about your life as if you can’t do anything about it, 
Pushhhh, have faith in your ability to stand strong in the fire of your heart don’t doubt it, 
Pushhhh, Know that you have the permission to love so totally that the experience of this love is unfamiliar even unto yourself, 
Pushhh, Quit waiting for some1 else to push u, step over the edge and trust u’ll grow wings, 

Let her courage be your mirror to bounce off light being, 
Honour her with your beauty and start singing 

I stand here, 
For a thousand years, 
For I stand strong, 
I take the light from the earth below, 
I, look towards the sky, 
and I see the ancient light, 
I stand here forever more, 
I am the beauty of the trees.. 

(Sound of a baby crying rings out into the silence)

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  • Sophia Jessica Rose

    Sophia Jessica Rose

    Beautiful :)

    Beautiful smile

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