As you lay gentle in this forest womb amongst moss and earth, 
curled up and naked wrapped in the warmth of fallen leaves. 
Hard as rock I stand tall. 
Erect, the dripping rain warm and salty pattering upon your tender face. 
The taste, golden milk, god made for you to drink and grow like trees towards vastness of sky... 
Your silky pert behind breaking through the useless 'realities' of space and time. 
Your most warm place filling the air with pungent smells so strong and sweet that even the birds can taste. 
And in the final moment just before the sun rises.... 
I cover you in earth and kiss your closed eyes. 
Breathing gently with your past lives. 
Fire dies and all that's left is crying . 
Beauty of sadness slowly bleeding. 
Soothing slow moaning reincarnated and gently rising. 
Emotional pain dissolving and deepening pleasure the sun is rising. 

Copyright Anu Azrael 2016

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