These roots made of mountains and stardust, 
Given as the greatest gift of life, 
I was once blind to, 
Which brought me great suffering and strife, 
Since I realized my feet again, 
The earth beneath me and my branches have so welcomed the rains, 
I have awoken to myself again, remembering the pain, remembering the light, 
I am the mountains, I am ancient times, 
I am the river running from the summit, 
I am the stars shining down upon myself, 
Me, myself and I, staring back at one another across earth and sky, smiling, 
I am above, 
I am below, 
I am here, deep soul throng of the cello, Playing the tides, 
Playing beauty moving, winding, spinning, spiralling, slowly sparking light, 
We are first flame of sacred fire, 
These roots made of mountains and stardust, 
This breath is flame, 
This breath is life…

Anu Azrael 

copyright 2017

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