Today I met her whose beauty so quiet,
Whose awareness searching and silent,
She who was hidden inside sunlight and now shines exposing me to my own beauty and this blessed insight,
Her whispering stillness reminds me to hush, Stand down,
Go inside and look,
So I did,
Now I am,

Today I met her,
Whose insides melted in my palms,
She who so gently awoke the softness in my heart,
That I never even noticed…
Her kiss like a gentle breeze and a violent storm,
Both promising beauty and threatening to break me,
This heartfelt bowing at her altar,
This prayer I offer I exalt her,
This passing time I let pass without losing any life in this long deep sigh,
This slow, colour filled and rose scented black sky,
Leopards lapping at poison ripples at the waters edge,
​Together we look on still in body and silent in breath…

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