The Kiss

If I could kiss you in way of bringing you back to life I would.
The kind of kiss that dissolves all tension,
melts all memories and burns all of your fear to ash.
The kind of kiss that appears out of nowhere,
takes you by storm and leaves you changed and wanting more of what a few moments before you thought you had ended. 
The kind of shocking kiss that hits you before you have time to think and then....
penetrating your entire being with a passion that picks you up and drops you right at the moment you are about to lose yourself totally. 
If I could kiss you this way I would.
I would then look deep into your eyes with such intensity you would feel that this was also part of the kiss and you would be plunged further into unknowing and the unfathomable romance and fever pitch ecstacy of the moment you didn't plan for. 

I am this kiss.
My words are this kiss.
this prose has taken you.
so just take a moment to be with....this...

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