The Night

This night is my kingdom, 
For this darkness is still and silent like the space between heartbeats, 
It is here that my soul unravels and my heart sings in a low whisper, 
Midnight is a woman that lives inside of me, 
She knows what it is to give birth, 
To bleed ..and run with wolves, 
You see we have forgotten who we are, 
and from where we came, 
At night the blinkers that we wear during the day are removed... by moonlight, 
Removed by the silence, 
Removed by forces unseen yet friendly, 
The night is a place where the creative and the courageous celebrate being alive, 
Whilst the rest of the sheep are huddled together waiting for sunrise and the familiar 9-5. 
At night we return to the womb, that place we first grew, 
Like the oceans tides we are drawn deep into ourselves by the power of the moon, 
It is from night that we once came and it is into the night that we shall one day return again, 
For this night is my canvas, 
and upon it I create tomorrow...

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