Thinking of that beautiful memory of oily love imbued, slipping and sensuously writhing around your aroused and responsive body of blossoming being, deep kissing and clear seeing, I carry you in my heart and physically penetrate your sacred wet opening with my ancient trees reaching deep inside your quiet place, slowly and sensitively turning around the sun, burning in the centre of the one, until rhyme after rhyme, time after time, plunge after plunge, i finally....and most definately....come ❤ 

In our experience of sexuality may the deep beauty of life be honoured fully. In every breath and from the deepest chambers of the heart of existence. May we burn together in eternal bliss. Body, heart and mind melting into a sacred kiss. 

May we experience all that is beyond this. 
Carried into a place where we realize our oneness with existence. Lets all go there together. Reclaiming innocence. An orgy of pure heart centred presence. 

We are so much more than a mentally charged release of pent up tension through the genitals. A shallow grave of unrealized potential. I cross my heart and say a prayer to something beautiful somewhere deep within me, deep down beneath all the layers, I cry tears of joy and happiness as I realize that what I pray for is already here. I am already here. We are all here together and nothing can stop us now. As we vow, our hearts connected to the ground, holding hands and moving forward only leftover ashes of sexual shame being blown around, out of the stillness and quiet, out of the pregnant silence arises a sound. 

Its the sound of hearts opening, children being allowed to cry, suns shining brightly in open blue skies, its the sound of ancient trees swaying, of millions of people praying in thanks, bowing deeply to the birds, the bees, the whales and the ants. The bushes and the plants. 
Bowing to the clay that moulded us, the earthly womb that chose us, the rains and the wind that grows us, our mothers who rose us. She who deep down in her very soul she knows us. Together we honour her...and she rises. at last she last she rises ❤

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