There is a black hole
that I sometimes fall into,
Is there no way out?
I realize the only way out is to fall asleep,
And when I wake up,
I am out of the hole.
The problem arises if I am not tired,
Then I spend hours in the hole,
Thinking about my life & waiting to get out,
I sometimes wonder if my life is a hole &
If maybe someday after falling asleep one evening
I might wake up in another world,
A world where I am not thinking & waiting for something to happen,
A world where I am REALLY LIVING,
Everytime I wake up I taste a little more liberation,
My dreams guide me out of dark holes & into action,
Adam fell from eden in the beginning & ever since has been sleeping,
Humanity in its current form is Adams lucid dreaming,
The time has come for Eve to sleep & meet Adam in our dreams,
to kiss him on his supple lips until he wakes up screaming,
As I am Dying I am awakening,
You last tasted Heaven in your mothers womb,
Then you fell into this black hole,
That we sometimes fall into,
Is there no way out?

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