Silence deafens my heart,
The earth's surface cracks,
bleeds and splits apart,
Sorrow seeps into open space,
Once hidden secrets solidify,
Exposing themselves first in the lines on your face and then through your bloodfilled eyes,
Grief overwhelms once sturdy structures,
Matchstick foundations snap and burn,
Every first brick layed with love is consumed by fire,
beautiful dreams dissolving to dust,
A picture of deep colour and sacred nature turns to disconnecting lust and uncontrollable desire,
the skin peels off of your lies,
underneath can be found family ties and guilty sighs,
as the sun rays meet the surface of what you judged as ugly,
sparks appear and recite poems of light,
all that can be seen,
blood and spirit,
past and future,
dying in the aloneness of night,
In this moment where everything is lost,
Comes a message from beyond,
Insight, a clear next step that need be taken,
Something that for a fleeting moment that may be awakened within this great sleeping mystery,
Take one step then wait,
For everything shall pass,
and this moment like every other will die and be forgotten by history,
Just wait and breath,
for nothing lasts and everything shall surely pass...

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