Unseen Light In The Dark

Your beauty evaporates into mirrors, waiting on the edge of chaos,NO ~ NO ~ NO!

Caught in a fierce storm, whirling all around you the world awaits

your rainbows,

you turn your back on the world,

your naked torso lies heavy on the time worn ground,

lazilly covered with earth, on this ground you stood unable to move &

now here you lie, in all your sunken beauty, in all your blessed grief,

I can see you, a child playing with spirals of sadness,

Hide over here, hide over there, hide under here, no one can harm you here,

crouching in shadows made by faceless figures

afraid to look ahead,

someone lies dead on the ground that you stand upon,

& you willingly follow them into the grave.



Shadows of stagnant beauty shine,

A bird without wings manages to hide,

I press my hands over my ears but I can still hear the desperate

Cries of a child,

This is the tale of the trapped butterfly,

So beautifully divine yet without visable light,

Forgotten truth arises...

Not all that resides in the darkness is out of Gods sight.

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