Bow to those who have lain to rest.
May the sweat of my brow taste the ground in your presence.
May the sun lay its murderous hands upon my back,
reaching into my soul and burning me to death,
my bloodied lips kiss,
your breath as it whispers your sorrows to the violinist,
carried by spirit - ripples of silk pour the sorrowful sounds of sadness into my silent soul,
melancholic rainbows stir the deepest chambers of my heart,
one minute I have everything & then I have nothing, all is lost, everything gone,
the darkness within me cries lonely poems in an attempt to fill the night with substance, something,
a distant bell tolls, empty spaces cringe & growl, a violent void with bloodshot eyes screams NOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW GET THE FUCK OUUUTTT….
but beneath the crashing of waves, beyond the ticking of time, underneath the sundried blood the silence is breathless…

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